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Beam租赁踏板车在布里斯班,阿德莱德,堪培拉,霍巴特,朗塞斯顿和澳大利亚珀斯的业务将是第一个受益于梁先生的“行人盾”技术的首次试验。梁的行人盾牌推出的第一阶段将由与DROVE AI的独家合作提供动力,第二阶段将于2022年后来。
Starting this week, Pedestrian Shield technology will be integrated into a number of Beam's e-scooter fleet in these cities, giving cities the power to adjust speeds based on road surfaces. Drover AI's Path Pilot is an advanced IoT module capable of detecting city infrastructure like roads or footpaths in real-time using an onboard camera. With Pedestrian Shield, Beam's e-scooters will accurately and reliably identify whether the vehicle is traveling on sidewalks, streets or bike lanes, to account for the differing restrictions on each.
With differing state legislation governing e-rideables in the six pilot cities, Pedestrian Shield will enable cities to manage the riding rules. The technology enables Beam's e-scooters to employ riding restrictions such as reduced speeds or no riding on pedestrian paths even inGPS- 通过提供旅行和旅行后反馈,允许梁教育骑手在城市安全骑行。有关详细信息,请参阅亚博体育report on电动两轮车2021-2041.
Phase two of Pedestrian Shield, launching in mid-2022, will consist of pedestrian collision prevention, with technology to enable detection of pedestrians on footpaths and the e-scooter slowing to prevent a collision. The data gathered in the trial cities will power a nationwide roll-out of the technology later this year.
梁集团首席技术官Deb Gangopadhyay:"We're pleased to be the exclusive partner of Drover AI in Australia & New Zealand, and to incorporate their industry-leading PathPilot technology into Beam's Pedestrian Shield. The majority of pavement detection technology relies on positioning like GPS and detailed mapping of every road and pavement in a city. These solutions are not scalable and are unreliable due to the proximity of roads and pavements within a single meter. In comparison Pedestrian shield uses an on-board camera that detects when riders are riding on pavements instantly and accurately without the need for precise mapping and perfect positioning. We are excited to bring this technology to Australian roads first."
Alex Nesic, Co-Founder at Drover AI said:"Drover is excited to partner with Beam to introduce PathPilot to Australia as they endeavor to enhance the safety and intelligence of shared micromobility vehicles for all stakeholders. Micromobility offers many benefits in urban environments and Drover is thrilled to be able to contribute our technology to address the biggest regulatory concerns while also exploring the greater potential of AI-powered computer vision to contribute to the evolution of shared micromobility."
Beam's General Manager (ANZ) Tom Cooper:“这项试验是澳大利亚的第一个,我们希望在这个国家设立一个新的微生物技术标准。随着微生物在城市变得更加普遍,我们相信其使用只会继续呈指数级增长,有更多的公民yabo体育从街道上留在街上并留下他们的车。在澳大利亚有不同的州,有不同的立法管理电子疯狂,梁的行人盾将能够适应每个国家的不同骑行规则 - 无论是为了强化人行道上的速度较低,或者完全停止光束。正如我们期待在2022年在澳大利亚的扩展到澳大利亚的足迹,我们也致力于制定与当地社区成员和组织的合作伙伴关系,并从事围绕电子踏板车的安全运行讨论以确保安全车手,行人和其他道路使用者。“
Source and top image: Beam
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