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Electric Vehicles Research
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Porsche Presents New eBikes

Porscheis expanding its range of e-mobility products and introducing two new e-bikes to the market.
The Porsche eBike Sport is suitable for roads while the Porsche eBike Cross is ideal on rough terrain. Both models were developed in collaboration with eBike expert Rotwild and are manufactured in Dieburg, Germany. For further information see the亚博体育report onElectric Two-wheelers 2021-2041.
Porsche eBike Sport
The Porsche eBike Sport is perfect for daily rides and is powered by the new Shimano EP8 motor providing motor support up to 25 km/h together with the Shimano electronic gear shifting system.
Thanks to the Magura high-performance brakes that are integrated into the handlebars, the Porsche eBike Sport has a clean and compact look. The Magura upside-down suspension fork and the Fox rear shock absorber provide a balanced ride on asphalt or gentle terrain.
PorscheeBike Cross
The Porsche eBike Cross has a full suspension carbon frame and is suitable for the countryside with a powerful motor, newly developed by Shimano, which delivers maximum performance while maintaining a natural riding sensation. The Magura-MT Trail high-performance brakes have extra-large, heat-resistant brake discs while the mechanical Shimano XT 12-fold shifting system enables fast gear changes.
The handlebars feature the Shimano color display, which shows not only speed but also distance and range in real time.
Both models were inspired by the sporty character of the Porsche Taycan.
Source and top image: Porsche
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